Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No reason to be ashamed

I’ve been privileged this Christmas season to get a copy of George Whitefield’s journals. A year or so ago I read Arnold Dallimore’s two-volume biography of this remarkable man and have wanted to read his journals ever since. So, now is my opportunity.

The journal entries pick up in December, 1737, as Whitefield is preparing to sail across the Atlantic to minister in Savannah, Georgia. The three ships that will be making the voyage are anchored off the port city of Deal and Whitefield spends much of December and January traveling between his ship and shore as the sailors make their final preparations for the journey. I found the entry for January 10th, where he recounts one of those trips ashore, to be somewhat amusing and convicting:

After evening prayers and visiting the sick, went ashore with Mr. Habersham to Deal, and were so delighted with a prospect of the Downs, that we expressed our thankfulness in signing of psalms all the way. The boatmen, I believe, wondered at it at first; but they were not ashamed to blaspheme, and I thought I had no reason to be ashamed to praise God. I had the satisfaction before we got to Deal, to hear one of them join seriously with us; and perceived a surprising alteration in their behavior always after. Blessed be God!


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