Monday, July 26, 2010

My Summer Reading List

Summer is almost over but I am just now able to get back to reading some non-assigned texts. The past couple of months have been consumed reading tomes on hermeneutics for a class I am taking through Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Virginia Beach. While I have enjoyed the reading for my class, I am looking forward to digging into the following:

Creation, Fall, Restoration by Andrew S. Kulikovsky. HT: Dr. McCabe’s blog

I have been looking for books that take a intentionally biblical approach to the creation debate. I question if we should expect science to speak accurately about supernatural, non-repeatable events. It is far better, I believe, to rely on Scripture to prove what the Bible teaches and for which it alone is authoritative. I do not know for sure the position that Kulikovsky takes but fully expect this book to be interesting reading.

Summer for the Gods by Edward J. Larson. This book, recommended by my friend Darryl Buller, covers the history of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. The Scopes trial is very interesting for many reasons (history of fundamentalism, creation debate strategies, etc) and I’m told this is a fair and engaging treatment of the trial.

Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship by David Peterson. I found Peterson’s commentary on Acts to be quite helpful as I taught through the first part of Acts in SS this past year. Also, his theology of sanctification, Possesed by God, has proved to be quite challenging and thought provoking. So, when my friend and former pastor Andrew Henderson suggested that I read Peterson’s book on worship, I had to add it to my list.

I don’t recall how these other two made my list, but the last couple I hope to read in the near future are: The Trials of Theology: Becoming a ‘Proven Worker” in a Dangerous Business, edited by Andrew Cameron and Brian Rosner; and The Unquenchable Flame:Discovering the Heart of the Reformation, by Michael Reeves.