Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Calvinism and Worldliness

I really don’t know too much about Peter Masters, other than he is the current pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, the famous London church once pastored by Charles H. Spurgeon. Masters is a Calvinist, as was his famous predecessor. I lean that way as well, although I am not a hard-core 5 pointer. Dr. Masters is not pleased, however, with what he sees in the current Calvinist resurgence. He has written a pretty hard-hitting critique of the movement’s general lack of concern with worldliness. I cannot remember an article that resonated so much with my own soul and concerns. I highly commend it to your consideration.

The Merger of Calvinism with Worldliness

UPDATE: I just noticed that both Scott Aniol and SI have linked to this article as well. I'm glad. It deserves a wide reading.


HT: Comment #1 by Jonathan Hunt